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Late Night, Lazy Dinner

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After a long day of job searches, committee meetings, and classes, I finally made it home around 10 p.m. I treated myself to a shower and was preparing to climb up in bed with my book to wind down for the evening when the boyfriend asked me if we had plans for dinner. 

As usual, stressed-me had forgotten that eating was a thing.

I looked at the clock and realized it was already quarter-to 11 p.m. and I really wasn’t interested in starting anything big.

College meal night, it would be.

Chicken Cordon Bleu and Rice Stuff

While I wouldn’t really call this a quick meal, it certainly is an easy one. The chicken cordon bleu takes about 30 minutes to cook.

Since it’s cheap and ready-made, we’ll just call it “chicken cordon bleh.”

They come frozen in individually-wrapped packages, within the box. The quinoa (which is pronounced “KEEN-wah,” in case you were curious) and brown rice is microwavable, right in the bag.

Unlike most prepackaged meat products, the chicken cordon bleh is actually recognizable as chicken when you cut into it. The only problem I’ve ever encountered with the pockets of ham-cheesy-chickeny glory is that, when you cut into them, the molten cheese and oil can squirt out in a little geyser of scalding death. Watch out for that.

The quinoa and brown rice, though pretty flavorless as-is, has a lot of potential. Given the flavors of the chicken, I’ll mix in a little bit of garlic powder, olive oil, and Italian seasonings to the grains, tonight. They are good ingredients to have on hand, college student or not. 

Italian Seasonings
Since there isn’t much to say about preparation or recipes for this post, I might as well delve into a brief history of chicken cordon bleu.

According to Wikipedia, a “Cordon Bleu” dish is meat of some kind, wrapped around cheese, that has been breaded and either pan- or deep fried. The first cordon bleu dish was made with schnitzel, rather than chicken, and predated the first recorded chicken cordon bleu by about 20 years (1940s vs 1960s). “Cordon bleu” is French for “blue ribbon.”

So, now that you have that little bit of trivia under your belt, we go back to the cheatsy dinner I made.

The chicken cordon blehs come out of the oven at a temperature only slightly less than atomic and need to cool for a few minutes. The grains, fresh out of the microwave, require the same treatment.

Fresh out of the oven

After a bit of cooling, which gave me some time to season the rice and *almost* forget the pan that the chicken was on had just come out of the oven (a mistake that brought me perilously close to first or second degree burns on my left hand), it was time to plate.

Final Product
The rice turned out pretty well. I would maybe season it a bit more, next time. Considering the whole meal, for two people, cost about $5, I would say it wasn’t half bad.

Quick and cheap? Now that‘s the college living way!

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