Homedessert Sweet Strawberries

Sweet Strawberries

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Growing up, one of my favorite desserts my mom would make were these sugar-drenched strawberries. I never asked her how they were made, but after years of enjoying them, I could take a decently educated guess.

The inspiration came from a spur-of-the-moment trip to Wegman’s.

As my friends and I pulled into the Wegman’s parking lot, I decided I wanted to make fruit salad. We walked through the entrance, and I decided that I was too lazy to make fruit salad. I walked past the berry display, and I decided I wanted strawberries.

I put two pounds of strawberries in the cart.

About halfway through the shopping adventure, I received a call from the boyfriend, who had been at the gym with friends. He was waiting outside the apartment, where he had left his backpack prior to working out. Oops.

Twenty minutes or so later, we departed the store. I then remembered that the boyfriend had been waiting outside the apartment all that time.

Double oops.

Once we got home, I set to work cleaning and preparing the strawberries.

Sugared strawberries are pretty simple, if I pieced the logic together right. You start with strawberries, cut the tops off , trim any bruises, wash the berries, slice them, and sweeten them.

I sliced the berries into thirds or quarters, depending on where the knife landed. I initially cut from the top, down. I realized, with about five strawberries left intact, that it was much easier to predict where the cuts went if you cut from the bottom, where it was rounded, to the top, where it was flat.

Sliced strawberries

After they were sliced, I sprinkled about two tablespoons of white sugar over the heap of fruit. If you don’t want to use processed sugar, honey will do as a substitute. I would make zigzags across the top, horizontally and vertically, to make it about as sweet as the two tablespoons of sugar.

After you put on the sugar, take about a cup of warm water and pour it over the top, trying to hit most of the sugar in the process.

Sugary strawberries

Put a lid on the bowl or container, seal it tight, and shake it or toss it gently to mix the sugar water around.

After you mix it around, put the covered bowl in the refrigerator and let them soak for a day or two. Toss once or twice a day to change which berries are soaking in the nectar.

I recommend serving this over shortcake, ice cream, or on its own, and with some homemade whipped cream, which is easy enough to make if you have a standing blender or a hand blender (it’s really just whipping cream and vanilla, unless you want to add a bit of confectioner’s sugar for sweetness, but I don’t do that, personally).

Enjoy your sugared strawberries! I hope it will be one of your favorites, too!


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    The strawberries were delicious!

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