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The Best Breakfast Ever

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Today, we are going to make the best breakfast ever.


First, we’re going to prep.

Find a bowl. Set it on the counter. Find a spoon, set it on the counter.

Now, it’s time to milk the cow.
Go outside, find your bucket, and tell Bessie I said hello!

Once you have milked the cow, take a fresh carton of milk out of the fridge and set it beside your bowl and spoon.

Now, get out a box or a bag of your favorite cereal.

So far, things are probably going pretty well.

Before you pour that cereal out, think.

Do you really want cereal?
You can do better than that.
You’re a chef, darn it!

Put that cereal away!
Put away that milk!
Clear the bowl and spoon and go look at yourself in the mirror!

You’re fantastic!

You also want pancakes.

Why don’t you go make pancakes instead.

Who needs cereal, anyway?


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