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Peachy Keen Tea

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[There would be a picture here, but the boyfriend drank all the tea before I got a chance to take a photo…]

It’s a well-known fact that I love tea. I have cupboards full of it. Hot or iced, sweetened, creamy, or straight, I love it. But summertime is hot, and hot tea isn’t exactly what I want to indulge in on a 90 degree day. Instead, I spent some time coming up with the perfect peach iced tea recipe.

This recipe yields about two quarts of iced tea.

First things first, fill a moderately-sized saucepan with about two quarts of water and bring it to a gentle boil before removing the water from the heat.

Add as much honey as you like, for sweetness (I usually make a layer on the bottom of the pan).

Honey pot

Take a wooden spoon, stir the honey in, and take two teabags of black tea and four teabags of green tea, along with two bags of peach tea (I prefer Celestial Seasonings, myself). If the teabags have strings attached, wrap them around the handle of the wooden spoon and place the spoon across the top of the pot.


Let the tea steep for at least fifteen minutes (I usually let it sit anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, because I like my tea strong). Sometimes, the black tea makes the brew a bit bitter, so I remove the green and black tea bags after fifteen minutes or so. I like to leave the peach tea bags in to strengthen the fruity flavor. 

Once you’re done letting the tea steep, let it cool in your pan before pouring it into a pitcher and putting it in your fridge. Placing hot food/liquids in your fridge temporarily lowers the temperature of the refrigerator, making it easier for food to spoil, so let the tea cool to about room temperature, first.

After it’s cooled, pour it into a pitcher (over the sink is probably the best place to do this) and set in the fridge to cool for a few hours before serving.

This recipe works with pretty much any fruity tea, though my favorite is definitely peach.

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