Homediffuser Fall Diffuser Blends

Fall Diffuser Blends

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I apologize for the unexpected absence. I’ve been caught up with managing some health issues and a crazy-busy schedule. As a result, I haven’t created anything delicious lately. It’s mostly been quick meals between tasks, errands, and hobbies. I have had some time to mess around with diffuser blends.

First, a note about diffusers and essential oils:

Not all oils are suitable for pets, so always make sure they’re used in well-ventilated areas.

Essential oils are also not medicine. Some have useful properties (eucalyptus can help open up airways the same way Vick’s can, tea tree oil is a decent antiseptic and acne spot treatment, frankincense can reduce inflammation as an ointment), but they cannot and should not be used to treat any kind of medical ailment. Detoxes aren’t real and neither are essential oil “remedies” in most cases.

These diffuser blends and any future ones I share are intended as fragrance mixes only. I burned through candles like crazy, so I switched to oils because, in the long run, they’re cheaper.

Here are some autumnal blends to freshen up your home:

I have a whole booklet of blends, so stay tuned for more! In the meantime, updates may be a bit more intermittent, but Apartment Eats will return for the holidays!


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