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Jeanette was born in upstate New York, the land of humidity, everything green, and AAH –MOSQUITOES. She attended a local college prep school before graduating and moving on to study science, history, and journalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology. During those four years at RIT, she began her adventures in blogging with the first rendition of Apartment Eats.

Also during her time in college, Jeanette met the love of her life, who is frequently referred to on this blog as “The Boyfriend,” or, as of summer 2018, “The Hubby” (and for a few months before then, “The Fiancé”). Someday, he may relinquish his anonymity, but for now, he will be known as The Hubby, who is still learning the ways of the kitchen while holding fast to the title of Grillmaster.

Jeanette and The Hubby moved out to his hometown of Boise, Idaho during the summer of 2017. It was a long process during which the moving date changed at least three times and also during which Jeanette was really grateful for the scheduling feature on her blog that let her write a post to go up weeks in the future.

Running Apartment Eats is Jeanette’s hobby, but writing is her passion. She works from home as a ghostwriter for several other websites. Most of her work covers history and science news, but she occasionally writes DIY, home and garden, and viral entertainment pieces. Chances are good if you spend a lot of time poking around non-political news articles on Facebook, you’ve likely read something she’s written.

When she’s not cooking or working, Jeanette is usually either out hiking, running, or walking somewhere, making music, or hanging out with friends. At least once a week, she’s down at the local ice rink either brushing up on her hockey skills or playing a game (sometimes against her Hubby, who plays goalie in a couple of local leagues). Her favorite books include The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher; Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury; most classics; and niche history books. She loves collecting antique (but still readable) books, and there are few places she loves more than used book stores. Her favorite movie franchise is Star Wars, her favorite video game franchise is Fallout, and her favorite music genres are classic rock, folk rock, 80s pop, and big band. She’s a first soprano in a local choir, though she enjoys singing the second alto parts for fun during breaks in rehearsal.

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