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Strawberries and Cream Milkshake

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This recipe, courtesy of The Slow Roasted Italian, looks absolutely delectable! It is a quick and simple recipe for a simple strawberry and cream snack or dessert.

This is the kind of recipe I like. It’s something that is simple and straightforward in a foolproof way. It’s perfect for days like this when I am at the end of my rope and ready to just collapse into a puddle on the floor of my apartment.

As long as I’m still cognizant enough to operate my blender, I *think* we should be good.

I started with the frozen strawberries (nuked for a couple seconds so I didn’t exhaust my blender’s motor by throwing strawberry-flavored rocks into it) and creamer. The recipe called for International Delight’s Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream Creamer (say that five times fast). Walmart was out of that variety, so I opted for French Vanilla, instead.

Before I even went into the freezer for the strawberries, I tried to open the bottle of creamer. Now, normally, removing the foil seal isn’t that hard, especially the kind with large side flaps. The problem was that I had just cut my paper-thin nails. I fumbled helplessly with the seal for a few minutes before I gave up and handed it to the boyfriend.

Okay. Foil — check. Strawberries (frozen but nuked) — ….

When I went to the freezer to remove the frozen strawberries that the boyfriend had told me were in there, I couldn’t find them. It turns out that, what he meant by strawberries was actually a tropical mix of frozen fruit, containing strawberries.

I bothered one of my friends for a quick ride to the store.

An hour later, and I was back in my kitchen.

Creamer — check. Strawberries — check. Cool Whip — check. Blender — check.


I added the strawberries (which were already partially thawed from their ride in the shopping cart… and because the wait at the deli took an eternity) and the creamer to the blender.

I like the flecks of strawberry in it.

Once it was blended to a milkshakey consistency, I poured some into each of my two glasses and added a dollop or two of Cool Whip on top. Not being someone who frequently uses Cool Whip, I didn’t realize I was supposed to let it thaw out a bit before using it, so it was a little bit firm. I managed to mix it in, anyway.

I repeated the process until I ran out of milkshake. It turns out that my glasses were a little bit too big for the recipe. Oh well.

I added another dollop or two of Cool Whip to the top, along with a strawberry, and I finished it with a straw and — voilà! it was ready to serve (and quite tasty, too)!

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