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Rice Krispie Pumpkins

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It’s that spooky time of year again where, for one night, you get to be whatever you want to be, and what better way to play pretend than with a group of friends at a Halloween party? I’ve got a party tonight, and, as a guest, I decided to bring a dish to pass.

When I showed the hostesses my idea for what to bring, they both thought it was absolutely adorable. The idea originally came from a video I saw on Facebook. Since the video didn’t show a recipe, I had to go with what I saw and make it work out as best I could. There were some bumps along the way, but it turned out pretty well, otherwise!

The end result was a bunch of adorable little pumpkin treats, perfect for a party!

Warning: This makes a LOT of pumpkins (24 fist-sized pumpkins)

1, 28 oz bag jumbo puff marshmallows
18 cups Rice Krispies cereal (buy a BIG box)
9 tbsp butter
Orange food coloring (or red + yellow, if you’re a peasant like me)
1 bag Tootsie Rolls

The first thing you should do before you even turn on the stove is grab a bowl, a paring knife (with a convex or flat blade), and your bag of tootsie rolls. Cut the candies in half lengthwise and work them so the edges of the cut side meet, making little round stems.

Tootsie roll stem

Get out a very large pot and turn your burner on low heat. Cut the butter up into squares and let them melt in the bottom of the pan before adding the marshmallows (which I pulled in half, to make them melt faster and because pulling them into quarters was a mess) and the food coloring. To get a nice pumpkiny orange, I used 40 drops of red food coloring and 60 drops of yellow food coloring.

Orange in a pot.

Once the marshmallows are melted and the food coloring is mixed in, add the cereal. Once you’ve added the cereal, you’ll understand why I suggested a very large pot. If you’re short like me, you might want a stool to get better leverage. Also, while a silicone spatula might be easier to clean, I would recommend using a greased wooden spoon or squared spatula for mixing in the cereal.

After the cereal and the marshmallowy goodness is mixed together nicely, it’s time to grease your hands and start balling up the little pumpkins. Now, since I really didn’t have much of a recipe to go by for this (just a moving picture of the product and the rice krispie treat recipe on the back of the cereal box, I didn’t know I had to grease my hands to roll the pumpkins. I spent twenty minutes trying to think of what could make it easier before I realized what I had to do, and in that 20-minute span of time, I got my hands covered in webby, marshmallowy cereal treat twice and got stuck to half of the items in my kitchen.

Orange cereal mix

When rolling the pumpkins, I made balls about the size of my fist, and that seemed to look about proportional with the stems, which I popped into the top of the balls and set aside in a dish to cool off and settle. I found that, using baking spray, I had to re-grease my hands between pumpkins. There may be a better way of keeping your hands greased, but this worked out pretty well for me.

If you want to make these little guys into jack-o-lanterns, I would suggest letting them cool completely and then using brown or black icing to draw on faces.

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