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Winter Wonderland

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Happy New Year (almost), dear readers!

I haven’t gotten to make anything yet, while on my vacation, and I figured reviews of chain restaurants (even if they’re pretty good ones) and specialty sodas wasn’t really what most of you would be looking for when you come here. Granted, what I’m about to give you really doesn’t fit the bill either, but at least it’s fun to browse.

Currently, I’m in Boise, Idaho, and it’s a beautiful snowy wonderland here! Today, the boyfriend took me up to the foothills, where I took some nice pictures of of the snow-covered mountains and city. After a day taking photos in the frigid weather (it’s about 18 degrees F here), we took a walk through my favorite place, the Idaho Botanical Gardens, which was all decked out in lights for a winter event (check out the cover photo; that’s a view of some of the lights).

In lieu of a recipe, today, I’m presenting a photo gallery of the foothills. Hopefully, I’ll have a restaurant review or a recipe soon. It’s been a hectic few days of getting settled in, but it’s been fun! We’ll be back to normal programming before you know it. Chances are good that, once I get to Arizona, I’ll make another photo post, though there are two restaurant reviews planned for there, too, I believe.

Without any further ado, I present to you — A Western Winter Wonderland (and some art):

Graffiti Building 1 — Temptation
Graffiti Building 2 — Peace
Graffiti Building 3 — Eye of the Tiger

Graffiti Building 4 — The Viper

Graffiti Building 5 — Winder

Graffiti Building 6 — Wise Chieftain
Graffiti Building 7 — Train Tracks

Blue Hills

Through the Sagebrush

Distant Mountains

In the Brush

Blue Mountain Majesty

A Rocky View

Sticks and Stones

View From Table Rock — The Outskirts

View From Table Rock — The Hills

View From Table Rock — The City

View From Table Rock — The Borderline

View From Table Rock — The Capital

Gray Jeep

Panoramic View

Snowy Elk

The Herd


Lone Wanderer

Just a friendly reminder that all work is property of moi, though if you’d like a copy of any of these, just email me at greyhoundracer94@gmail.com and let me know; I’m more than happy to oblige (I just want to know where my work goes).

Happy New Year!

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