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Taco Tuesday

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So, for my first meal, I decided I would make tacos.
It was either going to be tacos or nachos, but seeing as the boyfriend and I have repeatedly forgotten to buy tortilla chips, we settled for tacos and resigned to buying tortilla chips another day (…probably).

I had seen my mom make tacos from a kit in the past, and it seemed easy enough: buy meat, cook meat, presumably spice meat, put fixins in bowls, warm tortillas, serve. Le voila — Tacos.

One of my girlfriends and I went to Walmart and picked out ingredients — lettuce, salsa, meat, cheese, tortillas, and taco spice. I was going to buy a kit, but apparently, the Walmart in my town doesn’t carry tortilla-only kits, and anyone who has ever tried knows that eating hard-shell tacos is a booby trap which leaves you with a lap full of Mexican food.

At home, I set the first ingredients out on the counter and got to work. As I mixed the spice packet into the meat, I realized that I probably should have bought more beef than I actually did. For the past several months, the boyfriend had been out of state, working at an internship, so I had to think in terms of single-person portions. Apparently, I was still thinking that way. I ended up with about two tacos-worth of meat, covered in about four tacos-worth of spices. The result was very salty, *but flavorful*, taco meat.

About enough to feed a chihuahua, anyway.

I poured the disappointingly small portion of meat into a bowl as Sous Chef Boyfriend got the other items out of the fridge. I realized at that point that I had forgotten to buy shredded lettuce and had purchased only salad greens instead. While I wasn’t bothered by that, Boyfriend, who is afraid of anything dark green and high in iron, made a face.
And the boyfriend insisted on adding Sriracha… as usual.
We placed the taco fillings in the tortillas (which were larger than I initially thought necessary but, again, the only ones I could find), rolled them up like burritos, and carried our plates to the table. The feast, which was a less-than-spectacular display of my culinary prowess, was actually not that bad. I’m pretty sure I consumed a week’s worth of sodium in a single tacurrito, but it was palatable, otherwise.
Had I added more salsa, I probably could have countered the ocean-flavored meat well enough.

Lessons learned from this experience:
  • It takes more than 1/2 pound of ground beef to feed two college students
  • Walmart is an unreliable source for taco-sized tortillas
  • Spinach isn’t so bad on tacos
  • I do still remember how to cook ground beef
  • I really like nonstick pans
  • For $0.97, I could probably have afforded to use only half of the meat seasoning packet and thrown the rest out…


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  • February 5, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    Yep, you're going to need a lot more meat to feed my son. He's from Idaho, and we love our meat.

  • February 5, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    I've doubled the meat in the recipe I'll be using for chili verde. Hopefully, that will help!

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