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The Story of Nacho

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The other day, the boyfriend and I were talking about food and we got on the subject of nachos.

He told me that, before tortilla chips became a popularly packaged snack, Mexican restaurants would take scraps of tortilla dough and cook it into chips. They set bowls of these chips out for restaurant patrons to enjoy while they waited for their meals. The first company to take this idea to mass market was the Doritos company. They only started flavoring them after the invention of nachos.

“Did you know the dish was named after a guy named Nacho?” he had asked me.
I gave him an incredulous look, to which he responded, “No, seriously; they were named after a guy named Ignacio. His friends called him ‘Nacho.'”

Intrigued by the story he told me, I decided to do a little research on the subject. While what I found was slightly different from what I had been told, he wasn’t too far from what the legends say.

Here’s how the story goes:
Once, there was a man named named Ignacio Anaya, who was the maître d’ at a Mexican restaurant in Piedras Negras, near the Texas-Mexico border. During World War II, it wasn’t uncommon for the wives of American military officers to cross the Rio Grande into Mexico.

One day, a group of these women stopped into Ignacio’s restaurant for something to eat. He seated the women. After their orders were taken, Ignacio found himself in a bit of a pickle. The chef was nowhere to be found, and Ignacio didn’t know how to cook.

Ignacio went back to the kitchen and began to panic. Frantic, he began looking around the kitchen for inspiration.

He grabbed a plate and tossed some tortilla chips on it, followed by some cheese anjalapeño peppers. Stuck it in the oven for a bit and served the dish as canapes. Ignacio took the dish and emerged from the kitchen.

The dish was served as “Nacho’s Special,” and the name stuck. Today, we simply call them nachos. 

Since their invention, many different versions have evolved, including sweet and savory takes. The dish, though invented in Mexico, has gained more fame in America, as it was designed for an American palate.


Tomorrow, I’ll tell you of my own adventures in making nachos!


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  • February 5, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    Fun fact! Thank heavens for Ignacio because nachos are delicious!

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