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Stuffed Pancakes

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It looks like a normal pancake, but its center is full of raspberry-y goodness.

Here I am, sitting in the school library between my first two classes of the day, desperately trying to scrape together words for a blog post. I was in Albany, NY, this weekend, attending a bridal shower for my cousin-to-be, so even though I brought a computer, I was too caught up in the busyness and excitement to actually get any work done.

Before I left, though, I made something I’ve been wanting to try for a few months now — stuffed pancakes. The idea was something along the lines of jelly-filled donuts, but with less sugar and less guilt. Overall, they are pretty simple to make. The boyfriend could probably manage making them (he served as the taste-tester, this time around), and I, in my zombirifically tired state, might be able to make them, in between sips of Monster and occasional blips in and out of consciousness.

So, ladies, gentlemen, computer-savvy sharks, and hooloovoos, I present to you: Stuffed Pancakes.

These are really easy to make. Since I was short on time, I just used pancake mix, but if you’ve got the time and ingredients, go ahead and whip up some buttermilk pancake batter. From there, the steps are pretty simple:

1. Heat up the pan (medium heat)

2. Pour a dollop of batter onto the pan (maybe two inches in diameter).

Thinner batter is better for this.

3. Add a bit of jam/jelly/preserves/filling-of-your-choice.

Blur is optional.

4. Pour a little more batter on top, to cover the filling.

I'm still working on making the filled pancakes round...

5. Cook.

Ugly, but tasty.

6. Serve and enjoy!

Nothing like recycling photos!

That’s it! So simple, yet so good. Try different fillings and tell us your favorite in the comments. I found that the smaller pancakes turned out better than the larger ones, because there came a point around the four inch diameter mark where there was too much jelly inside for the pancake to flip stably and I ended up flinging jam everywhere. Ideally, I would have some way of squeezing out the jam rather than scooping it with a spoon. It’d probably work better that way, I just lack the tools.

Try it out, play around with it, send me some feedback — I’d love to hear from you!

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