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Redcurrant and Kirsch Sorbet

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It’s summertime again, and that means my friend’s mom has currant bushes that are overflowing with fruit. This year, she taught me how to juice them using a pressure cooker, but then I was stuck with far more currant juice than I knew what to do with. I still had jelly from last year, as well as somewhere between a quarter and a half gallon of currant cordial, so I needed something different. I was able to use almost half of my seven or so pounds of currants making the juice for this recipe. The other half, I plan on drying to store (and possibly to make rosewater currant cakes).

2 cups Currant juice*
1 1/2 cups Sugar
4 tbsp Kirsch

Combine the sugar, juice, and Kirsch in a bowl before pouring it into an ice cream maker or a sealed container to go straight in the freezer. Stir the mixture every half hour until it’s frozen to prevent the formation of large crystals. Serve once it’s solidified (it won’t freeze into a solid block because of the alcohol). That’s it!

If you want to make your own currant juice from berries, you can either boil them down in a saucepan and strain the seeds and skins or you can use a pressure cooker. To get two cups of juice, you’ll need about four pounds of berries (give or take).

For the pressure cooker method, place the steaming rack inside of the basin and add two cups of water. Next, set a ceramic bowl on top of the rack. On top of the empty bowl, place a steaming basket (I use one of the classic metal ones that folds like a flower). Put your cleaned currants in the steaming basket and cook on high pressure for 12 minutes. Let the pressure release slowly for about 5 minutes and you’ll find the juice collected in the bowl.

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