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Pizza Bagels!!

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Sorry this ones going up late, today. I’ve been at my cousin’s house, babysitting and playing with her triplets!
Pizza Bagel

As a kid, I used to go to this little hole-in-the-wall bakery in the middle of Brighton that made bagels and pizza bagels. I’m pretty sure the place (Water Bagels, I think it was called) has since gone out of business, but their delicious creations still make my stomach rumble.

Some friends of mine came over to use my kitchen, the other day, and one of them made “pizzadillas,” which were little personal pizzas made in a frying pan on tortillas. She had leftover sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, which she offered to me. With my new ingredients, I decided to remake my old favorite (or at least try my hand at it.)

I had no recipe to go off of, so I guessed. I knew how to make a pizza: dough + sauce + cheese + other toppings = delicious pizza. I figured I would assemble them as such, then pan-fry them, like grilled cheese, and hope for the best.

So, something I learned when my friends were using my kitchen is that my microwave has a light under it. That should help my pictures, from now on.

To start, I heated up a nonstick skillet pan and a frying pan, warmed up some pasta sauce, and set everything out on the counter. I figured I would start by warming things up so that the cheese was melty. 

I toasted the outer sides of the bagels in a my nonstick pan, which, on medium-low heat, took a few minutes. I flipped them to warm the insides up a bit.

Toasted bagels

Then I added the warmed-up sauce.


Followed by cheese and pepperoni, then the top of the bagel. According to the boyfriend, the more “non-tomato stuff” you put on the bagel, the better it tastes. I would have to agree with him.


I pressed the top of the bagel down with the bottom of a clean, hot frying pan (I cleaned the burner off before I used it), in an attempt to melt the cheese.

Turns out, it melts better when you do it this way:

Overturned pan

After you melt the cheese, all that’s left to do is plate up and enjoy!

The finished product


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