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Supper in a Snap

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Mac n Cheese

The school year is quickly closing in on the dreaded finals week, and that means I have to fight to have a life outside of projects, papers, and studying. As a result of this week’s ridiculous workload, this week’s blog post is a college go-to: Macaroni and cheese.

I’m not talking Easy Mac, like the freshmen seems to have a knack for burning in the dorm microwaves, I’m talking about stove-top mac n cheese: out of the box, fake cheese, the works. Anyone can read the side of a box, but it takes a little more finesse to make the mac n cheese of peasants into mac n cheese worthy of the palates of kings.

First, I like to start with about five shakes of garlic powder in the water I boil the pasta in. I use two boxes of pasta to feed the boyfriend and myself. You get kind of hungry when you eat two meals a day (on a good day).

After the garlic powder, you bring the water to a boil, add the pasta, turn the heat down, cook the pasta, yadda yadda yadda. Follow the directions on the box until the end. After that, I’ll take the wheel.

So, once the pasta is drained and mixed with the stuff in the package, milk, and butter (however much you wish because most people I know don’t use the full amount of butter), it’s time for the fun.

First off, I add extra cheese. Usually, I grab some grated parmesan, but I happened to have some leftover sharp cheddar, so I added that, along with some white cheddar.

plus cheese
Then, I added some Italian seasonings (largely rosemary, garlic, onion, pepper, and parsley).

plus herbs
Then some cayenne pepper, for fun!

plus cayenne
And finally, some more garlic powder, because I’m the kind of person whose love for garlic keeps vampires out of the entire county.

plus garlic

After that, mix it all together, serve it in a couple of bowls, and top with drawings in Sriracha!

plus love!

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