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Hard Lemonade

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One of my favorite drinks (next to rum and Coke or Jägermeister and Dr. Pepper) is hard lemonade. I’ve been drinking MIke’s since I was in college. I’d grab a bottle and take it outside with me whenever I had to work on my bike. Now that I’m older and I have more to do than work on homework and drink cheap alcopops, I rarely have hard lemonade. Recently, I found myself with a surplus of lemons, a new pitcher, and some vodka to dispose of. I’m not a fan of vodka, so I was keen to use it on anything (otherwise it would end up like my last bottle of vodka, which was purchased to make something specific with and then sat with about two shots left in it for nearly a year). I’d never been terribly good at making homemade lemonade, so I wasn’t confident this experiment would even work. I was pleasantly surprised when it did!

17 Lemons
2 cups Sugar (or more if you like)
6 cups Water
2 cups Vodka

In a large pitcher, juice your lemons, taking care to strain out the seeds. Add in the sugar, followed by warm water and adjust your ratios until you find a sweetness that suits you. Toss in the vodka, stir it all until the sugar is completely dissolved, and then toss it in the fridge or serve over ice! It’s that easy!

Protip: If you don’t want hard lemonade, don’t add vodka. 😛

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