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Sourdough Pizza Crust

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Continuing our sourdough-a-palooza, we’re going to get flat this week with some homemade pizza dough that will have you turning your nose up at store-bought doughs from here on out. If you don’t already have a sourdough culture started, learn how to make one here.

In previous posts, we’ve covered the basics of how to make your own pizza, as well as a couple of fun recipes: BBQ chicken pizza and Greek pizza. However you choose to top it, this homemade dough won’t change anything about the bake, though I do strongly recommend the cheese-sauce-cheese layering method before you get to those toppings. It keeps everything in place a little bit better. But first: Dough!

2 1/2 cups Flour
1 heaping cup Sourdough starter, fed within the past 48 hours
1/2 cup Warm water
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Italian seasoning
1/2 tsp Garlic powder
1/2 tsp Yeast (bread machine, active dry, any kind will do)

Combine all the ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer and knead with a bread hook on medium-low for 7 minutes or until the dough cleans the sides of the bowl and wraps around the hook.

Lightly grease a bowl with oil, form the dough into a ball, and place it in the bowl. Cover with a damp cloth or a piece of saran wrap and a towel and let it sit on the counter and rise for 2-4 hours or until doubled in size. If the room is warm, the proving should go a bit faster.

This recipe will yield one 14″ standard crust pizza or two 12″ thin crust pizzas. Or breadstick if that’s what suits you. Once you’re ready to bake your crust, follow the make your own pizza guide for an oven-baked pizza stone pie.

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