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28 July, 2015

Homemade Ranch Dressing

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Today, for the first time in a long time, I have a recipe for you! It’s super easy and it’s perfect for salads or snacks. I’m talking about homemade ranch dressing — no sugar, no preservatives, and organic, if you wish. I personally love dipping celery in ranch, but store-bought dressings tend to have a
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20 July, 2015

Milk-Shake It Up

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I know I don’t share vacation pictures, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the article, but here’s a pretty canyon from Twin Falls, Idaho. Think of it as inspiration for something to daydream about while you’re sitting in the sun, drinking some sweet smoothies! Since I just got back from vacation, there isn’t
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22 June, 2015

Quick and Easy Salsa

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My lovely mother bought me a food processor, allowing me to do all sorts of wonderful things, including making salsa! I got this recipe from my cousin Laura’s Pampered Chef party I went to at the beginning of summer. That’s also where I got my little manual food processor! Unintentional advertising aside, this recipe is one
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17 June, 2015

Glazed Pumpkin Spice Cookies

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I know it’s not the season for pumpkin things, but I ended up with leftovers from the dog treats, so I decided to make myself some treats with the extra pumpkin. Originally, I was planning to make gnocchi, but I was missing some of the ingredients, and they weren’t cheap or readily available, so I
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7 June, 2015

Peach Dumplings

Peach Dumplings
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As some of you may know, I love peaches. Peach anything: peach drinks, peach soap, (yes, I own peach soap), peach-colored things, and, above all, peach sweets! I found a recipe for peach “dumplings” and they looked amazing, so, naturally, I had to try my hand at making them.   My summer co-op has me
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2 June, 2015

Sunshine in a Glass

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Hello, hello, dear readers! I’m back from the Wild, Wild West, and I bring you, today, a smoothie of my own creation: The great thing about summer is that the fresh fruit in the store actually looks appetizing. I decided to take advantage of both the fresh fruit and the sunshiney inspiration instilled in me
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